View from Peninsula Bay, Lake Wanaka


In harmony with nature

Careful landscape planning and covenants to protect the environment will ensure a healthy co-existence between residents and nature, providing an ideal setting for those who enjoy the peace and tranquility of natural surroundings.

The extensive use of maturing trees has created an established feeling to Peninsula Bay. Existing native kanuka outcrops have been retained and a variety of native flora has been planted including grasses, pittosporum, flax, kowhai, kanuka, manuka, hebe and beech trees.



This mixture of native plantings will ensure Peninsula Bay sits in harmony with the surrounding alpine environments: adding colour and texture to the landscape, while the plants perform their natural protective functions of water control and soil retention.

Nature takes centre stage with over a third of the total Peninsula Bay site dedicated to green areas, reserve and community recreational facilities. Wide open spaces maximise the stunning panoramic views to Lake Wanaka, while vegetated areas provide shade and a home for bird life.